The History...

…of the Kneipp-and WellVitalhotel Edelweiss

1928: Miss Theresia Voggenauer, from a large family (7 siblings), left a small farm in Chiemgau to serve as an apprentice cook to the Mallerdorfer sisters (Spagardens Sanitarium Dr. Baumgartner) in Bad Worishofen.

1929: Dionysius Schneid, also from a large family (13 siblings), arrived, with the help of his uncle Father Cornelius (the head bath attendant at the Sebastianeums), in Bad Wörishofen and worked as a care-taker in the same house as Miss Theresia Voggenauer.

1932: Miss Theresia Voggenauer and Mr. Dionysius Schneid married

1933: The couple built a Spa house with 16 beds, running warm and cold water and central heating.

1934: On 1st May they gave their own bedroom to their first spa guest and slept in the cellar. The spa season was very short, from the middle of May to the beginning of September. In the winter they worked for other spa houses to make ends meet.

1940-1945: War—the spa houses were turned into military hospitals; nevertheless the Edelweiss still had spa guests.

1945-1952: Refugees were housed at the hotel.

1960: The first major renovation was undertaken. Later it became obvious that the renovation was not future-oriented (the rooms had no toilets or showers).

1965: The situation was not good. There were not many spa guests at the hotel.

1969: Günter Schneid, the couple’s son and a skilled cook, returned from his travels abroad and working as a ship’s cook, to take over the management of his parents´ hotel. He enlarged the hotel´s dining room and had a new kitchen built. The hotel, which had been a bed with breakfast.hotel, then became full-board.

1970: The father, Dionysius Schneid, died.

1971: A young bath-attendant, Miss Elisabeth Daufratshofer, came to work at the hotel. At the same time the hotel also needed someone to help out in service. Miss Daufratshofer took on this job as well. She was in every respect very industrious, and very pretty and could do the work of two people.

1973: Miss Elisabeth Daufratshofer and Mr. Günter Schneid marry.

1975: A neighboring plot of 970 cubic meters was bought and an indoor pool was built.

1977: Christine Schneid, the couple’s first child, was born.

1978: The birth of the twins, Sebastian and Susanne.

1981: The birth of a second son, Matthias.

1981-1982: A new Kneipp-bath, a new kitchen and a new technical room were built.

1984-1985: A passage connecting with the reception area was built.

1985: The Ulmer Münster brewery plot was purchased.

1986: The mother, Theresia Schneid, died.

1989: The principal building was enlarged.

1993-1994: The Event hall was built.

1999: General renovation and the addition of a new dining area.

2002: Three stories were added onto the Event hall that house a wellness, fitness and massage area, two rooms for beauty treatments and a room for resting and relaxation.

2004: All the wooden balconies were replaced with new powder-coated aluminum bars.

2005: A bar was added to the reception area.

2006: New underwater lighting and an underwater music system were installed in the indoor pool.

2007: In the record time of five weeks, 30 bathrooms were freed from their seventies charm and became bright and appealing bathrooms.

2008: All the rooms and hallways were made brighter; the corridors were fitted with new designer lamps.

2009: Three rooms with four-poster beds and 2 exclusive suites were created. The news magazine „Focus“ printed a list of the 100 most popular hotels in Germany in its July edition. The Edelweiss hotel was listed in the number one spot.

2010: On the roof of the indoor pool a light-dome was installed that allows guests to swim under the stars.

2011: A new Coffee- and auxilliary kitchen were installed and the restaurant was remodeled to make it more spacious.

2012: A Physical therapy- and an Osteopathic office were established in the hotel to improve access to medical services.

2012-2013: A large percentage of the rooms underwent an exstensive renovation. The installation of many dormer windows brought more light into the upper floor. A new cosmetic room was installed.

2014-2015: No expense was spared to elevate the resting-room which then became the „Panorama-Resting Room“. Other rooms were modernized.