Travel Cancellation insurance

Book your stay without any risk!

We can provide you with an exceptionally low-priced insurance that will help you in case you need to cancel your reservation.

For a stay of 3 nights or less 12.- € per person
For a stay of 4-6 nights 14.- € per person
For a stay of more than 6 nights 2.- € per person/ per night

What to do:
It’s very easy. Just transfer the amount to be paid within 14 days after you get your reservation confirmation.

Your receipt of payment is proof of insurance coverage.

Account number: 100010600
IBAN: DE44 7316 0000 0100 0106 00
BLZ: GenoBank Unterallgäu 73160000

To order your insurance just state your confirmation number and the names of the guests.

Your insurance covers:
Cases of unexpected illness or accident, death of the traveller or of a family member.
The reservation cancellation should be made as soon as possible.