The Kneipp teachings are a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage!

The Kneipp Cure works! In 2015 Father Kneipp’s naturopathic treatment to preserve and restore health was declared to be an Intangible Cultural Heritage!

We at the Edelweiss hotel are committed to the Kneipp doctrine, which is based on the five main tenets of: water therapy; exercise; nutrition; the use of healing plants; and balance.

Our treatment-packages offer the scientifically-proven Original Kneipp Cure. The Edelweiss-Concept combines the traditional, holistic Kneipp-therapy with modern Medical-Wellness treatments. The result of this combination of traditional and modern medicine is ideal. A positive, therapeutic effect on your health is guaranteed.

The Kneipp treatments are carried out by a professional Therapy team which will gladly provide you with the detailed information needed to continue with the Kneipp Cure upon your return home.

„He who has no time for his health, must summon up even more time for his illness.“
Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897)